Harder Than it Seems (song) 3:16
(Written by Gary Boren/Pam Boren)
Isnít everything?

Like Me / Like You (song) 2:40
(Written by Boren / Peters)
Click here for the lyrics

If (song) 1:13
(Written by Gary Boren and Sean McDonough)
I produce, Sean anti-produces. Hopefully, weíll have this Trent Rezor-esque folk song ready for the first album. Yes, the drum loops are a big problem. We know. We got people on it.

Take it All (song) 3:42
(Written by G.Boren / B.Weber / P.Boren)
Originally demoed by European artist, Daniela Petkova, Jamie Green sings this version which we hope to place with a Faith Hill/Shania Twain type artist.

Till the Stars (song) 3:12
(Written by Albert Polito/Gary Boren/Donnie Hackett)
This falls under the category,"if you canít beat Ďem." Albert and I wrote this song, but when we realized that it sounded "boy bandish," we called in pro writer, Donnie Hackett to help polish it, who then handed it to Andy Duncan to produce it in that style. Tim Davis is the perfect singer for this.

Driviníto the Letter (song) 1:57
I produced this track for Leapfrog Toys. Jeanne Parson is the writer, Joe Retta is the singer. David Diggs did the wurly type keys.

Harder Than it Seems (song remix) 2:17
(Written by Gary/Pam and Sean McDonough)
We are not finished with this version yet. Sean is still tweaking. and tweaking. and tweaking.

Hanginí with Mr.Cooper (tv theme) :46
Cooper was on ABC for five years. This version was on the last three years of itís run. Singers are Sherwood Ball, Carmen Carter, and Oren Waters.

Cooper outtake (tv theme demo) :49
This was one of the demos that then my partner, Steve Chesne and I turned in to the showís producers. David Frangionni is the real genius behind this abandoned version.

KIRK (tv theme) :42
For two years Kirk Cameron had a show on WB Sunday nights. Who knew?

Gilman Dies (score) 1:31
You thought he was a bad guy till the end of the film. But, at the last minute he redeems himself by jumping in front of a bullet which earns him an honorable, military type death cue in Matt Warrenís film, Tumbleweed.

Busted (groove/score) :23
This is the end credit music to a short, funny film, Busted, by Shelly Ryan.

Marty on the Steps (score) :25
I wrote this simple piece for Baggage in a minute, but it took forever for me to perform a violin track that was believable.

Death Lament (score) 1:10
Evan Aronsonís film, Baggage, will eventually get itís due, I hope.

Disoriented (score) :19
This is a demo score piece. Love that slo-mo vibe.

Big Tire (score) :33
This is the obligatory desert / dry gulch car breaks down and guy starts to walk cue (a la Ry Cooder). My dobro and lap steel guitar were good pawn shop investments.

Into the Great Unknown (song) 4:43
(Written by Gary Boren, Alan Roy Scott, and Viveka Davis)
Because Viveka was an actress in Kevin Costnerís Message in a Bottle, we decided to write and pitch a song. Viveka is a great artist.

Garyís a Chicken (score) 2:18
This Enya-esque piece was originally written for Baggage. It appears as a recurring theme in the movie, but without the vocals. This theme was also used in, a movie starring Celia Ball,. Mike Madsen, and Edgar Allen Poe IV. If I put it on my first album I guess weíll change the title.

Flashback (score) 2:27
A dark, dramatic cue from Tumbleweed, a movie written and directed by Matt Warren. Tarantino and Soderberg, lookout.

Children of the Corn-NOT (score) :43
This is a demo cue for the part V horror series. Thetís my two oldest kids, Blair and Hannah on vocals.

Funky Emmett (score) 1:13
When Evan Aronson, director of Baggage, asked for a Beck type cue, this is what I gave him. On subsequent film editing this cue was orphaned.

Curtis Car (driving acoustic) 1:34
Written for Baggage, director, Evan Aronson, asked for a Leo Kotke type piece. If it didnít have such a weird ass tuning I would do it at gigs.

Planet Mars (cocktail jazz) 1:29
I wrote it and programmed the drums and bass, but I sure didnít play the piano track. The acoustic pianist is Tommy Mars, who played with Frank Zappa on numerous albums. Tommy has brains spilling out his fingers.

Lover, Come Here (score) 1:24
This was from Shelly Ryanís romantic film, Eighth Date. Obviously, this acoustic cue is in the "Thirty Something" musical vein.

Thatís All, Folks! (sitcom Actout) :03
This was one of hundreds of short cues I wrote for tv. The last two years of Step by Step I got away with producing some very legit alternative rock pieces. Still, it was just Carol (Suzanne Sommers) in the kitchen cutting lettuce.

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